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Mankind is facing enormous challenges. Problems such as climate change and resource scarcity can only be tackled successfully via sustainable development. We will not succeed without new stimuli for the business sector. This is exactly where Economic Development Agency Brandenburg steps in. In 2017, it launched the campaign “Brandenburg – Sustainable Today” in order to raise public awareness of the many business efforts directed towards sustainability in Brandenburg and to encourage companies to come to the region and contribute to sustainability.

There are many innovative thinkers in Brandenburg who pursue interesting approaches and solutions for fostering a sustainable economy. Three topics stand out in particular: biopolymers, plastics recycling and lightweight design. Our activities as part of the campaign focus on these three topics.

We provide background information about companies and research institutes, present outstanding products and services, and support the interactions and networking activities within the Clusters Plastics and Chemistry and Metal Industry.

Innovations by topics


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Mankind is facing enormous challenges, such as climate change and resource scarcity, which can only be tackled successfully via sustainable development. We will not succeed without new stimuli provided by the business sector.

Lightweight design

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Lightweight design is a key innovation of Industry 4.0. Weight often equals costs. Brandenburg’s companies work closely together with scientific institutions in the region to make the future easier to bear.

Plastics recycling

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Saving energy and resources through intelligent recycling processes—Brandenburg’s institutions and companies showcase suitable solutions.

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Latest posts

Leichtbau – wie viel Hightech in Bushaltestellen steckt

Lightweight design – high-tech bus stops

Team Tejbrant designs and builds bus stops. Ordinary and yet truly special constructions. Why are aluminium profiles increasingly replacing steel? Boards made out of aluminium honeycombs and metal foams are technologies of the future, and are already being used today.

Leichtbau – in der Luftfahrt zählt jedes Gramm

Lightweight design – every gram counts in the aviation sector

The company KAPI Electronics manufactures flight recorders and safety systems for small aircrafts on-site at the airport grounds in Eberswalde. The use of lightweight design fabrics in the aviation sector is self-explanatory—it’s easier to fly with less weight. Some of the flight recorder housings have been manufactured by 3D printers.

Man mit beigen Auszug, Blumen und Mikrophon auf dem Podium

One process, two solutions

The LXP Group produces bioplastics out of organic residual materials. In addition, the organic components are separated from the plastic residues in household waste. This approach received the Sustainability Award from Economic Development Agency Brandenburg.

grünliches Recyclat wird auf Glasbehälter in Metalltrichter gefüllt

Raw materials recycling

Antje Lieske from the Fraunhofer IAP explains the raw materials recycling processes of bioplastics. Pure polylactides are produced from contaminated recycled materials. The video shows you how it works in detail.

M+R Filtermedien Produktion

Clean air meets clean recycling

M+R Filtermedien from Wandlitz uses recycled plastics for the production of air filters. Managing Director Sven Birkholz is looking for someone interested in the residual plastic generated during the production processes.

Kunde und Hersteller im Gespräch

The value of plastics

SWK Innovations uses an injection moulding process to manufacture products from polymers. This produces plastic waste, which the company would like to recycle. However, this is difficult for smaller companies.

Hand mit grau-silbrigem Granulat

“Hopeless” cases get a second chance

Grigorij Wagner of rub Berlin GmbH, a company that specialises in recycling, the environment and biotechnology, uses residual materials, which would otherwise drop out of the raw material cycle, for innovative products. For example, rub Berlin GmbH develops high-quality decking boards and railway sleepers made of recycled plastic.

Leichtbau — High-End-Technologie an der BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

Lightweight design — high-end technologies at the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg

The Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg has an AFP machine; it makes it possible to stack dry carbon fibres in order to form larger components. The big brother of this installation produces, for example, fuselage segments for aircrafts such as the Airbus A350. What is the advantage over steel? Although just as resilient, weighs only a quarter of what steel weighs. This represents a huge weight reduction, which also leads to lower carbon dioxide emissions.