Clean air meets clean recycling

The company M+R Filtermedien is looking for partners

Resource efficiency as a challenge: M+R Filtermedien in Wandlitz is committed to using recycled materials for the manufacturing of air filters. The production generates waste that can, in turn, be reutilised. The Managing Director, Sven Birkholz, has been looking for interested companies for a long time.

The filters made by M+R Filtermedien GmbH in Wandlitz make sure that the air is clean. They absorb pollutants from the air and retain them. They cannot be recycled. “They really have to be incinerated because of all the environmental pollutants that have been filtered out of the air and that are trapped.” After use, however, they can be burned and do not leave any residues behind because even the frames do not contain metal components. In this way the filters can be useful one last time and provide energy in the form of heat.

Up to 12% of PET recycling materials are used for the production of the filters—it is not possible to use more if the products must be white. For other applications, however, 80% could be reached—even 90% for frames. Although the high share of recycled materials does not pay off financially, it gives M+R a competitive edge because many customers value sustainable products. According to Managing Director Sven Birkholz, municipalities still need to catch up in this area. “We would also like politicians to make sure that the municipalities buy their filters sustainably.”

However, the production itself also generates waste. Even though the quantities of waste are small, Birkholz refuses to give up hope of finding a partner willing to take this waste consisting of reusable materials. “We would like to reintroduce our waste into the economic cycle because it consists of high-quality plastics that could certainly be used for other purposes,” says Birkholz.