How biopolymers change the perspective on polymers

How biopolymers change the perspective on polymers

Video transcript:

Thorsten Perl, BioInspiration, Eberswalde: “For me personally, biopolymers have radically changed the way I see polymers. Now it becomes very easy for us to use polymers because we understand that they can also be introduced into a loop, that they also degrade and that—this is another advantage—biopolymers can be produced primarily in a decentralised way.”

Thorsten Perl, BioInspiration, Eberswalde: “Here, for example, we have a flexible filament that is produced out of starch and vegetable oils. We use it to make toys and other things.”

Brian Crotty, BioInspiration, Eberswalde: “For us, biopolymers are a way to simply reduce our footprint. It is very important for our children that we start now. When they grow up, they will benefit from it.”

Thorsten Perl, BioInspiration, Eberswalde: “These are interesting times because we are currently all at the initial stage.”