Plastics recycling in Brandenburg: promo video

Anyone who has ever been annoyed by discarded packaging during a walk through the woods or who has seen not only fish and corals but just as many plastic bags while snorkelling in the Mediterranean knows that a more mindful approach to plastic is necessary.

“Reduce – reuse – recycle” is a commonly heard maxim when it comes to plastic. In a nutshell it means that consumers and businesses should reduce their plastic use wherever possible, reuse plastic items and ultimately recycle them so that they can be turned into new products. These three steps are intertwined; plastics are so indispensable in many areas of our lives that it is difficult to do completely without them. However, even high-quality objects eventually break down, which means that they cannot be reutilised indefinitely.

The third step, recycling, is still considered to be both cumbersome and expensive. The fact that this prejudice is not always true is shown in our video about innovative companies in Brandenburg that already take recycling seriously in their daily work and also pursue innovative paths to make their products more sustainable. And it’s not just laws and regulations that force them to do so; entrepreneurs and their employees are consumers themselves and they also reflect on the environmental impact every time they decide to purchase something.

From a technological point of view, recycling has been feasible for a long time. However, it has not been always cost-effective. One solution might be to close the local value chains. This would be a local solution to a global problem. Our campaign “Sustainable Today” shows that companies in Brandenburg are already doing what they can to create future-proof products.