The use of biopolymers in the packaging sector

The use of biopolymers in the packaging sector

Video transcript:

Felix Reiche, hesco Kunststoffverarbeitung: “Bio-marketing is already working well in the packaging sector, in which the materials are actually biodegradable and the customer can see their ecological benefit right away.”

Richard Hurding, Zelfo Technology: “For me, this is really the central concept of biopolymers. Packaging now accounts for 66% of our business activities. That’s a lot. Three-dimensional packaging or packaging paper, cardboard….”

Cord Grashorn, Linotech: “There are very important developments taking place with regard to these different packaging materials so that this idea of short routes—packing, going through the sales process and collecting the packaging again—is realistic and could perhaps be applied to 90% of the packaging materials.”

Thomas Büsse, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research: “All bioplastics that we use for this film composite are completely biodegradable. If I now try to tear it up… it is almost impossible to destroy this film.”