The value of plastics

Plastics recycling is difficult for smaller companies

SWK Innovations uses an injection moulding process to manufacture products from polymers. This process also generates plastic waste that cannot be readily reused in the production process. However, the waste is suitable for other applications because of its high quality and because it is waste of the same variety. But finding a buyer is particularly difficult for smaller companies.

“We take our time to look around, which is almost a bit of a luxury,” says Petra Stammberger on the efforts of her company, SWK Innovations, to find a buyer for the company’s plastic waste generated during its production processes. This is particularly difficult for smaller companies that cannot provide large quantities of waste on a regular basis.

SWK really tries to avoid waste and to think in cycles or loops. The company uses recycled materials whenever possible. “We try to pursue a corporate policy that is based on our values, ethics and on our social responsibility. Of course, we hope that this will be widely accepted in our society and among our consumers,” says Stammberger.

Nevertheless, the company also bends to the wishes of its customers. “Many manufacturers simply want newly produced goods,” says Stammberger. But this leads to waste for which the company would like to find buyers. However, the problem is that the quantities of these residual materials are too small for many other producers and that they are not produced on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, SKW’s employees stick to their ideal of creating a closed-loop economy and they are convinced that their tenacity will pay off in the end. If you are interested in contacting SWK Innovations, you can find the contact information on our partner website.